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What to Expect ...


… once you have placed your order

Every Tenor amplifer is meticulously crafted to order - to the absolute highest of standards - without compromise!

The process of individually manufacturing your Tenor amplifier piece is quite complex and time consuming - but very necessary to ensure the highest performance possible for you:

  • Critical parts are pretested to ensure a perfect match with precise tolerances. 
  • Wood work is ordered up to a year in advance for perfect curing and finishing … waiting to adorn your amplifier.  
  • Master Technicians work diligently on your amplifier, making every connecton, torquing every screw and testing every circuit.  There are over 800 items in a typical bill of material for a Tenor amplifier - and that is without counting the electronic components!
  • Following up to 500 hours of burn in, hundreds of vacuum tubes are subjected to Tenor’s proprietary test equipment - to perfectly select the exact tube for your amplifier’s audio board.
  • Transistors are burned in and matched, similar to the the vacuum tubes, so their distortion characteristics are in perfect harmony with the tube stage driving them.
  • Every part in a Tenor amplifier is checked and double checked .. everything has to be perfect for you.
  • When finally assembled, your Tenor amplifier is burned in for 200+ hours where every test voltage is carefully monitored.
  • During this time the distortion noise floor ever so slowly reduces to its minimum.
  • Once achieved, the amplifier is allowed to cool then is covered with a shipping cover, packed in its custom shipping case and strapped to a plastic pallet for safe transit anywhere in the world.
  • It can take up to 3 loving, but intense, months to manufacture each and every single Tenor amplifier.  This represents so much of who we are as people and what we do best - manufacturing musical perfection!

We understand how important buying a Tenor is for you.  After all, this will in all probability be the last amplifier you ever purchase.  Even the shipping preparation is overdone as you can see from the picture below.  We take no chances and settle for nothing short of exceeding your musical expectations!

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