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The Perfect Amplifier ...


… has not just low distortion … but “ZERO” perceived distortion!

A lofty ideal for an amplifier designer … and not a very practical one since the laws of physics make this task quite impossible!

That was a true proclamation until Michel Vanden Broeck rewrote the laws of amplifier design using his 40+ years of research on the way the ear hears and how the brain processes sound.

Born out of one man’s lifework, the curious and diligent Michel Vanden Broeck discovered the fundamental nature of amplifier distortion and how an audio spectrum can be presented to the ear/brain interface in a manner that distortion is perceived as nothing - zero!  This is the basis of technology that is in every Tenor amplifier.  Harmonic Structural Integrity or HSI Tenor Harmonic Structural Integrity - The Power of Zero Distortion! is exclusive to Tenor and the primary reason Tenors sound better than all other amplifiers.  

The prestige Tenor has acquired amongst audio connoisseurs is in no small part due to the perfection of HSI!  The prestige also arises from the rigourous philosophy of excellence with regard to building amplifiers that are indeed musical!  These values represent the very essence of Tenor … and will continue to do so for generations to come!       

Michel Vanden Broeck  
Michel garnered much attention with his OTL (Output Transformer Less) design at the turn of this century.  With his breakthrough
HSI circuitry, he has elevated the playback of recorded music forever!  Michel’s new circuits are at the very zenith of what is possible in high end audio today.          

Accommodating all the technical progress and developments that advance music purity, functionality, reliability and precision, Tenor is the leading edge of what is most musical!                    

Quality and fine workmanship 
Michel Vanden Broeck has but one overiding objective - to design and manufacture the finest high end audio soundpieces in the world!  Tenor Audio's President, Mr. Jim Fairhead, has unwavingly commited all necessary resources to the achievement of this “mark of perfection” hallmark for amplifiers, preamplifiers and phono stages.

From concept to production Tenor soundpieces have earned their special place in the hearts (and ears) of enthusiasts the world over.  Tenor's rigorous standards are applied to every step of the creative and assembly process.  The long months of handcrafting and finishing make each one a precious, unique creation coveted by the connoisseur of fine audio. 

As the end product of an extraordinary amount of applied engineering and hard work, a Tenor soundpiece commands a high price and will retain its value for years to come.  It is an investment not just for the present but for the future.  Each Tenor becomes a treasured asset and a family heirloom. 

Each Tenor soundpiece is a work of art whose beauty reflects the pefection of sound.  Each Tenor creation will outlive passing 'flavour of the month' audio fancies without losing appeal or modernity.  Tenor soundpieces have established their own understated, timeless style - a harmonious combination of perfected sound and elegant, aristocratic and classic beauty!                                        

Emotional Experience  
Many Tenor soundpiece owners tell an emotional story whereby owning one (Tenor) is expressed as a story of passion and love of the purity of music and sound.  A Tenor soundpiece is far more than a means of listening to recorded music - it is a unique, personal experience steeped in the love of real sounding music!                    

To acquire a Tenor sound piece is to become the custodian of a musical tradition that has been handed down with care and will continue to inspire musical enjoyment.  To acquire a Tenor soundpiece is to welcome into your own family a possession designed to last and accompany successive family generations into the future.  It signifies that you are beginning your own tradition, by creating a bridge from the past to the future through music and musicality!

Tenor Soundpieces - truly the mark of perfection!

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