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Best Product of 2014 Award

It is with great honour that Tenor Audio’s Line 1/Power 1 Ultimate Reference Line Stage Dual Chassis Preamplifier has received “Best Product 2014” from the prestigious review magazine High Fidelity in Europe.  (Click award below for more product details)


Wojciech Pacula, Editor - HighFidelity.pl writes:


Tenor Audio

"If we were to point out a product offering the most intimate, rich, warm sound that we listened to this year the reference preamplifier of Canadian company Tenor Audio would occupy the top of the list. Its sound is so incredibly rich, so dense that it is hard to believe that it can be achieved to such an extent. And a preamplifier is not the only function of this device as it also sports a headphone output. And it does drive cans in equally outstanding way as it drives power amplifier. It is simply also a reference headphone amp.

Review was published in issue No. 124, August 2014

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