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Corporate Values

The brilliant engineering and design of all Tenor products is the genesis of our reason to be.  Making the most of existing recordings necessitates millions of dollars of research & development and a fierce passion to deliver exactly what your are paying for - beautiful accurate music!

Tenor is a family of like minded audiophiles and musicians who are incredibly competent in their fields of expertise.  Every member comes to work each day with a passion to make the impossible…well possible!  We are a small group with combined experience in the hundreds of years!  

Make no mistake.  The reason our products are the best is because we are a tight knit family who honestly care about each and every client and the products they buy.  Our designs represent the life’s work of Michel Vanden Broek in the field of amplifier design and physco-acoustics.  This is an extraordinary combination of disciplines - perhaps the only person in the world who can boast of these unique keys to the universe!

Each amplifier is built by a team of brothers, Gilles and JP Paradis.  Of course, they have known each other their entire lives and one would expect that they can finish each other thoughts I am sure.  Both are musicians with incredible fine motor and technical skills.  Every amplifier is a living breathing being to them.  We would have it no other way, and, given the choice, neither would you!

All of our custom parts are made in Canada and where possible around the great city of Montreal.  Low volume high quality is not every ones forte in business but at Tenor is not only what we buy - but what we build.  Our belief is it is impossible to mass produce anything of quality.  Perfection is our goal and nothing leaves our premises unless it is perfect in every way!

When you buy a Tenor you become a member of a musical fraternity whereby you hear the essence of your recordings for the first time in all the splendor that was intended by the artists.  Music will fuel your soul in ways you have never dreamed possible.  

Yes, Tenors cost a fortune to build and are ridiculously expensive to buy.  

It is the cost of perfection … and for those who can afford it, they would have it no other way!

Jim Fairhead,P.eng

President, Tenor Audio

Montreal, Canada

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