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The Song Remains the Same - Or Does it?


An unsolicited email written by a prospective client, Jack from Taiwan:

.... I have been listening and listening to the system of Mike Malinowski with Tenor audio and other systems. I can feel the obvious difference among them. Your one is no doubt the best one, especially for low tone. So powerful and so solid for whole image and atmosphere of music.

Please refer to the following system so that you can promote to other customers as well. I think I will choose your one shortly within May.

*Singer: Vanessa Fernandez, Album: Use Me, Song: Here But I’m Gone *

1. Tenor 350M Haute Puissance, Tenor Line 1/Power 1, Tenor Phono 1, Wilson Audio Alexandria IIs, Walker TT


2. Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Tri Planar, Atmos Sphere, Purist Audio Design, AXPONA


3. Wilson Audio xlf, kuzma lp, Boulder 3050 2110 2008 (Vanessa Fernandez / Use Me (180g 45rpm 2LP)


4. Audio Concepts, Colosseum loudspeakers, Orchestra electronics


5. Audio note


6. Valve Amplification Company, VAC Kevin Hayes, VAC Master Preamp, Signature 200 amps, the big system

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