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Looking Forward for 2024 


Tenor prolific R&D team has been very focused over the past several years adapting our most advanced harmonic spectrum to Tenor’s complete line of production amplifiers.  Tenor’s new harmonic spectrums make for the most musical Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) of any known amplifier thereby increasing the intelligibility of all of your music sources without any perceived fatigue whatsoever - making for the most realistic enjoyable performance of any amplifier ever crafted!

20th Anniversary Limited Edition performance is available as new (or upgrade) on all amplifier models! 

2024 MSRP list price of the 175S, 350M, Line 1/Power 1, Phono 1 20th Anniversary Limited Edition amplifiers are available upon request by emailing jfairhead@tenoraudio.com.  (Special upgrade prices are available for any of the aforementioned models.)

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