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The Art of Listening …

 ...and The Passionate Musical Journey


Many people… customers and friends alike, have shared their favourite songs and performances with me.  Most have not listened to or experienced these pieces on a truly great stereo system. 

When these very same people are given the opportunity, it always elicits the same comment:   "Oh, my!  I have never heard it like this before!   I must have listened to that song a thousand times and this is like I am hearing it for the very first time!”.

In my opinion there is an art to listening and it comes from the experience of hearing the passion within the music.  Without the passion, one becomes dissinterested very quickly.


Most performances and recordings have for the most part been recorded with the greatest of care using very expensive equipment to capture the musical passion intended by the artist.  I think it is fair to say that most systems do NOT do a very credible job of presenting this passion! 

It is for this very reason that a particular and carefully selected collection of amplifier, speakers and source player is a necessity.  The biggest requirement is what is the final result and what is the outcome to become?

For me, it is to be as natural and true to the original recording whilst still presenting musicality, not overly etched music.  For example, a plasma TV is overly bright and displays colours that are not real …  exciting but not real. (Rather like observing the beauty in nature and then adding a flash  of neon.   If the srt of listening is to be observed and honoured, then we need to listen with our ears and with our hearts.  The music should move us inside and out.  We should not need to focus on specific instruments to hear them properly.  We should be moved emotionally not scientifically (that’s a different story for another time).

(to be continued)

Treat yourself to at least one undistorted listen.   

           Experience the Passion and enjoy your journey!


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