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End of Life Phono Stage Award 

It is with great honour that Tenor Audio’s Phono 1 Ultimate Reference Single Chassis Phono Stage Preamplifier has received the “End of Life Phono Stage 2015” award from the prestigious review magazine 6moons.com in Europe.  (Click award for more product details)

Mike Malinowski, 6moons.com writes:

Phono 1 Ultimate Reference Phono Stage

"Just when I thought that the innermost musical secrets locked in this 140 year-old medium had been fully released, along came the Phono 1 to prove me wrong. There was still more information locked in those inner grooves waiting for deliverance. The Tenor draws a sonic landscape unlike any I've heard before. The Tenor is also the most expensive phono I've ever auditioned yet by no small margin the best, too. Stunning in its presentation, there were explosive dynamics, bass resolution, bloom and air. There was no single element which made the Phono 1 so outstanding. It was the cumulative effect of them all that in the end delivered the real musical emotion. Although you might need a golden wallet to own one, you certainly don't need a golden ear to hear what the Phono 1 can do. For those who will never own a Tenor, I still urge you to give it a listen. As they did with their line preamplifier and monoblocks, Tenor have again raised the bar as to what we thought possible. Truly outstanding!”

Mike Malinowski, 6moons.com

Mike Malinowski, 6moons.com, Tenor Phono 1, July 2015

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