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250 Watt Haute Puissance Stereo | Master of Perfection! © Tenor Inc. 2000 -2024

250 Watt Haute Puissance Stereo

January 1, 2015:  For Immediate Release!

Tenor Audio is pleased to announce the new performance enhancement for the 175S Ultimate Reference Stereo Amplifier.  Officially know as the 175S HP, this 2015 upgrade features an optimized power supply and remapped current sharing power modules to provide explosive power delivery.  Achieving power delivery of up to 750 watts per channel continuously driven while including Tenor’s legendary Zero Perceived Distortion - HSI technology … as follows:


   250 watts @ 8Ω*

   475 watts @ 4Ω*

   750 watts @ 2Ω*

*continuous input at 1kHz measured at 2xx volts!

In addition to the profound increase in power, the Haute Puissance has twice the damping factor of the venerable 175S - which effectively doubles the ability to control undesirable movement of the speaker cone near the resonant frequency of the speaker - making the 175S HP and the speakers attached, explosive in the delivery of music - just like the real performance!

The Haute Puissance aesthetics are heightened over Tenor’s standard cherry wood and metal finish with the addition of hundreds of internal micro LEDs with their soft blue glow drawing you into the amplifier's beautiful internal workings which are further enhanced by the blue luminescence of the transformer’s Starfire crystal lens sitting proud through the top plate. Some say the Starfire crystal draws on all the power of the Universe which is why the Haute Puissance sounds so good!!

Enhanced power integration with Tenor’s Line 1/Power 1 allows an entire Tenor system to be turned on or off safely with the touch of a single button. High End just got easier and more luxurious!

MSRP $17,500 usd (optional extra at time of order)

Existing 175S are upgradeable to Haute Puissance on return to the factory

MSRP $17,500 usd (optional extra) + $5,000 usd remanufacturing surcharge

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