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Texas - The Live Music Capital of the World


I think everyone has heard that everything is bigger (or better) in Texas.  Although I am aware of some celebrated Texas guitar players like Billy Gibbons (aka ZZ Top) or Stevie Ray Vaughn, I had no idea that Texas is “The Live Music Capital of the World” … yes the world!  When I think about it a bit … it kind of makes sense.  Eric Clapton’s charitable Crossroads Guitar Festival, South by SouthWest SXSM and Austin City Limits Music Festival immediately come to mind as legendary outdoor music events in Texas. 

Our most recent North American VIP client hails from the great state of Texas!  His name is Francis and he received his 350M Haute Puissance & Line 1/Power 1 Ultimate Reference Amplifiers this past spring.  The following email message was unsolicited and provided to David Johann, Global Sales Manager in response to a simple client follow up a few months after delivery ….


Very nice of you to reach out !   Hope you are well.  

The Tenor Amps are by far the most satisfying hifi purchase I have ever made and believe me I have made my share.  These amps are head and shoulders the best equipment I have owned.  They have brought new life and a sense of realism to all my music.  Recordings and songs that I listened to dozens of times before are now played back with added details, textures and scale.  I am delighted with what I am hearing!  You may get further sales inquires as I have a few guests that left my listening room begging for more. 😊

I do have one query: The sound from my speakers is not really audible until the preamp controls are up to level 27 (max is 50).  I am driving Wilson Alexia 2 speakers - there shouldn’t be any impedance mismatch although the speakers are a bit current hungry.  Is there anything about this that is not typical in your experience?


Francis, Texas 2019

as a followup to the query above … 

The maximum output of a Tenor Line 1/Power 1 is at 170 volume steps.  This would be full volume.  For the protection of client’s speakers the software default from the Tenor factory is 50.  This is reasonably loud for 83 dB speakers and quite loud for 91 dB speakers but nothing a good speaker could not handle.  Once the Tenor system of 500 Haute Puissance Watts @ 8Ω (the Wilsons therefor would be receiving 950 Watts at 4Ω) has been experienced for a bit, we encourage the client, in this case Francis, to set a maximum volume setting based on his own comfort level. The Wilson Alexia 2 specifications show 89 dB efficiency so the volume setting would be close to 50 volume steps for concert level sound depending on room size and personal listening tastes - so having a slightly higher maximum of 65 to 70 would give added flexibility for recording variances.


jim fairhead

President, Tenor Inc.

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